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Private Piano Lessons

Students of all ages are welcome.
You will receive personal one on one attention which will significantly speed up your learning.
Various lesson times (30 minute, 45 minute or one hour) are offered and can be adjusted to fit your busy schedules.
Lesson intensity is also flexible and can be based on desire and ability of the student.
Lessons will be held in the professional setting of my home studio.


Welcome to the current season of piano lessons.
This should answer some of your questions for the upcoming season.
Please read carefully.

The payment tuition is due at the first lesson of each month.

Missed Lessons and Make up Lessons.

Any cancellation must be made up within the 24 hours of scheduled lessons, and not more then one lesson per the month. This credit can’t be used for any other reason but sickness.
Student who miss more then 1 month vocation in summer, subject to new schedule and rates as a new students.
There will be one - hour group music lessons for student who miss a lesson.
Lesson will be held last Saturday of the month at 10 AM -11 AM except November and December it will be 3-rd Saturday of the month. Recitals and Festivals count like make up lessons.
Two (2) week notice is required prior to quitting lessons.

Tuning of Piano.

It is very important to have your piano tuned at least ones a year. The ideal time for tuning is when the season change.

Assuring your child’s success in piano education.

Successful and satisfying piano study is dependent upon correct and consistent practice habits. In order for students, and the teacher to experience success, the following are my recommendations:

· Arrange a set time every day for your child practice and insist on it being kept;

· Provide a practice setting free from distractions, (sibling, TV, etc);

· Check on your child’s practice progress during the week;

· Make sure your child brings all of the correct music and materials to the lessons;

· Make sure your child finishes all assignment and is prepared for each lesson;

· Arrive on time for all lessons and events;

· Keep your child’s nails clipped short.

Recitals, Competitions, Festivals, and Theory Tests

Recitals are held ones per year. Competitions, festivals, and theory tests are offered through out the year by music teacher association. Participation in these events are strongly recommended but not forced as they will increase student’s confidence and ability to perform in front of an audience, and is an integral part of music education. The Picture will be taking and may be posted on my web side: www.pianogl.com (if you, for some, reasons feel uncomfortable, please let me know) There are will be additional fee for these activities.

Educational Goals.

It is my goal to provide a well-rounded musical education for all my students and help them to obtain skills they can use for the rest of their lives. My responsibility is to provide a good atmosphere for learning. I can assure you that high professional standards will be maintained during all period of studying procedures. Definite goals will be established for each student personally.
With our common goals we can look forward to the exiting and rewarding musical year.

There will be Yearly Recitals, for which each student earn the trophy.

Benefits of Music.

Study shows:

1. Music improves test scores

2. Piano boosts student math achievement

3. Music students scores higher on SATS

4. Substance Abuse Lowest in music Students

5. Being able to play piano give your child sense of accomplishment and self-confidence

6. Hands, eyes, body posture, thought working together are the skills to play piano. These coordination skills transfer to many other aspects of live.